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AS6221 Evaluation Kit

The AS6221 Eval Kit is a simple PCB to enable an easy evaluation of the ams temperature sensor. The board features an AS6221 digital temperature sensor, a decoupling capacitor and pull-up resistors. The included jumpers are an easy way of setting the eight IC addresses of the sensor. A 5x1 pin header with a 2.54mm pitch offers all necessary interfaces to connect the adapterboard to your application processor.

TheAS6221is a high accurate digital temperature sensor with an accuracy of up to 0.09C, which is ideal for healthcare applications, wearables and devices requiring high-performance thermal information. TheAS6221, is a complete digital sensor system, requires no calibration or linearization. It provides measurement outputs via a standard IC interface. The sensor supports eight IC addresses avoiding bus conflicts in multi-sensor use cases. The ultra-small size of the sensor (WLCSP 1.5 mm x 1.0 mm) enables accurate body/skin temperature measurements in very small health and lifestyle monitoring products. In addition to the high accuracy and the small form factor, theAS6221offers a very low power consumption, for example measuring with 4 samples/s, the current consumption is only 6 A. The sensor has 4 different automatic acquisition modes and keeps the high accuracy over the full supply range from 1.71 to 3.6 V. An integrated alert functionality triggers an interrupt to the micro controller when a temperature threshold is exceeded. The temperature threshold for the alert function can be adjusted in a device register.

  • High temperature accuracy
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Small integration size (WLCSP)
  • Complete sensor system with serial bus connection
  • Alert functionality for exact temperature control