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TMC2300-IOT-REF open-source reference design

The TMC2300-IOT-REF is a completely open-source reference design for easy evaluation of the TMC2300-LA stepper motor driver IC

Whether it’s a POS device, toys, office and home automation, or mobile medical devices, Engineers can quickly prototype their IoT applications running on 3.5 – 6 V batteries. Besides the low-voltage stepper motor driver, the board features a Li-Ion cell charger via USB-C, a processor with integrated WiFi and BLE capabilities, as well as UART and USB-C for serial communication and programming. Other features including StealthChop2™, StallGuard4™ and CoolStep™ bring industrial-grade solutions to convenient, handheld devices.

  • Status                              active
  • Motor Supply                3.5…6V
  • Phase Current, RMS     1.0A
  • Microsteps                     1…256
  • UART
  • USB
  • MicroPlyer™
  • CoolStep™
  • Stall detection
  • StealthChop2™
  • StallGuard4™