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ON Semiconductor
NIS5431 Electronic Fuses Circuit Protection Evaluation Board

ONSemiconductor has extended its portfolio ofresettable electronic Fuse (eFuse) products, introducing the NIS4461 series to provide cost-effective circuit protection for motors, power supplies and other applications that have a maximum input voltage of 30V.

ON Semiconductor’s resettable eFuses have a programmable current limit and include integrated over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage and reversecurrent protection. Signals for fault reporting and for disabling the output may be transmitted via general-purpose I/Os. The NIS4461 buffers the load from excessive input voltages which could damage sensitive circuits. An over-voltage clamp circuit is included which prevents voltage spikes from reaching the load while allowing the load circuit to continue operating. The NIS4461 offers a choice of operating modes when triggered, either latchoff, or auto-retry for restarting. The ON Semiconductor video shows how to use eFuse products to protect motors and power-supply circuits, or to replace a relay.


• Programmable over-current protection

• Programmable slew rate

• Low quiescent current

• Built-in current sensing

• Thermal shut-down protection

• 50mΩ maximum on-resistance