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LDO Sample Kit

High performance at your Fingertips

There are 3 sample kits in the range: 
ESD Sample Kit  
LDO Sample Kit
Op Amp Sample Kit

• 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing

• High-volume supplier

• In-house technologies

• High quality 

• 10-year longevity commitment

• 1.5 V to 28 V supply voltage

• -40 to 150 °C operating temperature

• State of the art performance

• Ultra-low consumption

• Tiny packages


The Kit Contains:

  • LD39100PUR DFN6 3x3 1A, low quiescent current, low noise
  • LD39130SJ33R Flip-Chip 4 300mA, ultra low quiescent current with automatic green mode
  • LD39200PUR DFN6 3x3 2A, ultra low drop, high PSRR, with reverse current protection
  • LD56050DPU105R DFN4 1.2x1.2 500mA, ultra low drop with bias supply
  • LD56100DPU30R DFN8 1.2x1.3 1A, very low drop and ultra low noise
  • LD57100JR Flip-Chip 6 1A, ultra low drop with bias supply
  • LD59100TPU30R DFN4 1x1 300mA, low IQ, ultra-low drop and high PSRR
  • LD59100PUR DFN8 3X3 1A, ultra low drop, with reverse current protection
  • LDBL20-18R ST STAMPTM 20mA, low quiescent current and high PSRR in ST STAMPTM
  • LDFMPVR DFN6 2x2 1A, very low drop, 16V input compatible
  • LDK130PU-R DFN6 1.2x1.3 300mA, low quiescent current and low noise
  • LDK320AM30R SOT23-5L 200mA, ultra low quiescent current, high PSRR, 18V input
  • LDL112PV33R DFN6 3x3 1.2A, ultra low drop, with reverse current protection
  • LDL212DR SO-8 1.2A, ultra low drop, high PSRR, 18V input compatible
  • LDLN025PU33R DFN4 1x1 250mA, ultra low noise and very high PSRR
  • ST715C33R SOT323-5L 85mA, very low quiescent current, 24V input compatible
  • ST730MR SOT23-5L 300mA, very low quiescent current, 28V input compatible
  • STLQ020J30R Flip-Chip 4 200mA, ultra low quiescent current