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Target Board for RX140

The Target Board for RX140 is an evaluation board for initial deployment consideration that is both inexpensive and provides access to all of the RX140 signal pins.

In addition, it is equipped with an emulator circuit, making it possible to develop applications immediately by connecting to a PC for debugging. It can also be used for initial evaluation of touch features by implementing the LPF capacitors required for touch operation.

  • RX140 MCU based
  • Supports multi-power supply: USB VBUS (5V) or LDO (3.3V) or external power supply (1.8V to 5.5V)
  • Emulator circuit
  • Micro-USB Type-B connector
  • Pmod™ connector standard implementation. Supports Pmod Interface Types 2A (SPI), 3A (UART) and 6 (I2C)
  • 1 user switch, 1 reset switch
  • 2 user LEDs, 1 power LED, 1 ACT LED
  • MCU current measurement header
  • Supports a capacitor connection for touch LPF
  • CE, UKCA conforming marking and China RoHS compliant marking