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RAA223021 High Voltage Buck Converter Evaluation Board

The RAA223021 evaluation board is a high voltage buck converter that demonstrates a low-cost high performance non-isolated AC/DC conversion from a universal input of 85VAC to 265VAC, to a 12V output with the output current up to 667mA.

Request the RTKA223021DE0010BU high-voltage flyback converter evaluation board

The board has built-in overcurrent, short-circuit, input brownout, and over-temperature protection, and is designed on a single side PCB with a full-wave input rectification. It is pre-compliant with conducted EMI requirements by EN55022/CISPR 22. RTKA223021DE0000BU uses the RAA223021 SOIC-7 packaged IC.

  • Universal input
  • Single side PCB with low-cost external components
  • EMI compliance for EN55022/CISPR22
  • Standby power less than 20mW
  • No audible noise