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RSL15 Evaluation and Development Board

The RSL15 Evaluation and Development Board (EVB) is designed to be used with the RSL15 Software Development Kit.

It is intended for evaluating the performance and capabilities of RSL15, and for developing, demonstrating and debugging software applications for this device.

  • Easy code download and debugging with SEGGER® J−Link® on−board technology
  • JTAG debug port accessible via 10−pin header
  • Automatic power supply switching between battery and USB
  • Access to all RSL15 interfaces and GPIOs via standard 0.1 inch headers
  • 2 push button switches - 1 dedicated to resetting the device via the NRESET pin - 1 connected to a GPIO
  • Test points and GND hooks for easy probing
  • CR2032 Battery Holder - A CR2032 standard 3.0V battery inserted into the battery holder
  • Simple configuration for power measurements
  • Integrated PCB antenna with matching and filtering network
  • UFL connector used for conducted RF connections
  • Power from the USB connection – 5V regulated down to 3.0V by an on-board regulator
  • External power source connected to headers on the board