30 V MOSFET offers high efficiency in power-conversion applications

The SiSD5300DN 5th generation TrenchFETĀ® MOSFET from Vishay, built with source flip technology, offers a step-up in performance, reducing both on-resistance and gate charge for lower switching and conduction losses.

Components in the latest generation of the Vishay family of TrenchFET power MOSFETs provide superior performance and efficiency thanks to the excellent figure-of-merit for the product of on-resistance and gate charge.Ā 

The 30 V SiSD5300DN MOSFET enables power-system designers to reduce switching and conduction losses, and so to achieve higher conversion efficiency. On-resistance is 0.87Ā mā„¦ at a gate-source voltage of 10 V. Total gate charge is 59 nC.Ā 

The fifth-generation SiSD5300DN TrenchFET MOSFET is supplied in a PowerPAKĀ® 1212F package which includes source flip technology for superior thermal performance and an optimal board layout. The package footprint is 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm.Ā 

The SiSD5300DN is ideal for use in a range of power functions, including:Ā 

  • Dc-dc converters
  • Synchronous rectificationĀ 
  • Battery managementĀ 
  • ORing and load switching
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