650 V SiC MOSFET offers low on-resistance and fast switching

The NTBG023N065M3S from onsemi takes full advantage of the superior switching and thermal characteristics of silicon carbide compared to silicon, to enable smaller and lighter power circuits.

onsemi has extended its EliteSiC range of silicon carbide (SiC) power components and modules with a new 650 V MOSFET, the NTBG023N065M3S, which offers low on-resistance and fast switching capability up to a maximum operating temperature of 175°C. 

The SiC material provides superior switching performance and higher reliability than silicon MOSFETs. In addition, low on-resistance and a relatively small die size produce low capacitance and gate charge. The resulting benefits for power-system designs include very high efficiency, faster switching frequency, increased power density, lower EMI, and smaller size and weight.

The NTBG023N065M3S MOSFET features on-resistance of 22.7 mΩ, with a typical gate‑threshold voltage of 2.62 V. Output capacitance is just 144 pF. The fast and efficient switching capability of SiC MOSFETs is well represented in the NTBG023N065M3S, which produces a rise time of 17.2 ns and a fall time of 11.3 ns, and total switching loss of 108 µJ.

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