Capacitive sensing MCU provides high signal quality in multi-sensor applications

The new PSoC 4000T from Infineon is a configurable microcontroller which gives designers a great deal of flexibility to program hardware features. New capacitive-sensing technology offers improved performance at lower power.

Infineon has launched the latest series in the PSoCā„¢ family of programmable microcontrollers, offering an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for high accuracy and sensitivity in sensor-based designs.Ā 

The new PSoC 4000T MCUs have intelligent sensing capability to empower developers to create innovative and reliable sensor-based applications, taking advantage of the versatile analogue and digital capabilities. Sensor-rich designs benefit from the analog front end, digital processing, and seamless integration with various sensor types.

The PSoC 4000T MCUs, which extend the PSoC 4 family of ArmĀ® CortexĀ®-M0+ core-based MCUs, feature Infineonā€™s fifth-generation, low-power CAPSENSEā„¢ capacitive-sensing technology.Ā 

This fifth generation provides ten times higher SNR and ten times lower power consumption than previous generations of CAPSENSE technology. This provides the capability to support various types of interactive user interfaces, including proximity detection, gesture recognition, capacitive sliders, capacitive trackpads, small touchscreens, wear detection, and liquid level sensing. The PSoC 4000T can drive both capacitive and inductive sensing interfaces, and the multi-sense converter pins can be used as inputs for many types of sensor.Ā 

Providing an easy upgrade path for designs based on the PSoC 4000 or PSoC 4000S, the PSoC 4000T are software- and package-compatible with these earlier MCUs.Ā 

The PSoC 4 family is backed by the ModusToolboxā„¢ software platform, which provides a collection of development tools, libraries, and embedded runtime assets for a flexible and comprehensive development experience.Ā 

The PSoC 4000T is supplied in SG-XFWLB-25, PG-USON16, and PG-VQFN-24 packages, with either 32 kbytes or 64 kbytes of Flash memory, and 4 kbytes or 8 kbytes of SRAM.

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