Dc-dc converter provides dual isolated outputs for reliable gate driving

The 2 W R24C2T25 power module from RECOM generates programmable gate-drive bias voltages for various switch types. This gate driver has numerous circuit protection features built-in.

RECOM provides a simple way to generate the correct isolated gate-drive bias voltage for various types of power switch with the new R24C2T25 dc-dc converter module. 

The 2 W-rated R24C2T25 produces a regulated, asymmetric dual-voltage output which is suitable for driving the gate of an IGBT, silicon MOSFET, silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET, or gallium nitride (GaN) cascode switch. 

By configuring external resistor networks, the power module can be set to provide one output in a range from +2.5 V to +22.5 V dc, and a second  output of -2.5 V to -22.5 V dc, with an overall voltage sum of 18 V to 25 V dc. For example, the R24C2T25 can be set to supply a dual +15/-3V output to drive SiC MOSFET gates efficiently.

Voltages are maintained within a tolerance of ±1.5%, reducing the risk of over-voltage and damage to the circuit. Ultra-low isolation capacitance of less than 3.5 pF ensures minimal noise propagation across the isolation barrier. Common-mode transient immunity is ±150 V/ns. 

The R24C2T25 is supplied in a 7.5 mm x 12.8 mm, 36-pin SSOP package. The dc-dc converter module is rated for operation at up to an ambient temperature of 82°C at a 2 W output, with a 2.5 W output available up to 75°C. Useful derated power is also available up to the maximum operating temperature of 125°C.

A power-good signal with on/off control is available to put the module into standby mode when it is drawing less than 700 µA.

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