Embedded software package for STM32MP1 MPUs accelerates Linux OS deployment

STM32MP1Starter package for the STM32MP1 microprocessors from STMicroelectronics provides a comprehensive board support package that is paired with evaluation boards. ST’s ready-made Linux® distribution is backed by firmware examples and a programming tool.

STMicroelectronics has boosted support for its STM32MP1 series of low-cost embedded microprocessors with the introduction of the STM32MP1Starter package, which provides a ready-made set of operating system (OS) software and tools. 

At the heart of the STM32MP1Starter board support package are binaries for the proven OpenSTLinux Distribution (STM32MP1Distrib), a Linux operating system implementation which is optimized for the STM32MP1 processors. The STM32MP1Starter also includes one or more firmware examples for the STM32CubeMP1 software package, and the STM32CubeProg tool to install this image on STM32MP15xx-EV1 evaluation boards.

Click here to download the STM32MP1Starter package software.

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