High-speed 25 Mbaud optocoupler provides digital input and output interfaces

The Vishay VOIH72A optocoupler maintains excellent signal integrity in isolated interfaces, and features high noise immunity, as well as a wide temperature range.

The VOIH72A is a high-speed, single-channel CMOS optocoupler which offers a maximum signal-transfer rate of 25 Mbaud.Ā 

The optocoupler integrates an input LED driver with a high-speed infrared emitter coupled with an optical detector IC. A true digital input and output interface, in combination with very low maximum pulse-width distortion of 6 ns and high minimum noise immunity of 20 kV/Ī¼s, provide for easy integration into digital logic systems.Ā 

The VOIH72A is intended for use in industrial circuits which require isolation and a high signal-transfer rate. The optocoupler is ideal for functions including:Ā 

  • Galvanic isolation in digital systemsĀ 
  • Ground loop eliminationĀ 
  • Digital bus system isolationĀ 
  • Interface isolationĀ 
  • Feedback control in digital power suppliesĀ 

The optocoupler is supplied in a compact SOIC-8 package with a 5 mm x 4 mm footprint.

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