New 0.38 Mpixel monochrome image sensor excels at NIR wavelengths

The STMicroelectronics VD55G0 for machine vision and robotics applications is available for evaluation in a convenient camera module format shared by the ST BrightSense family of image sensors.

The new VD55G0 from STMicroelectronics is a 0.38 Mpixel monochrome image sensor IC which captures up to 210 frames per second at full resolution in a 644 px x 604 px format. The pixel construction of this image sensor minimizes crosstalk while enabling high quantum efficiency in the near infrared (NIR) spectrum.

This global-shutter image sensor is intended for use in high-performance computer vision applications at NIR wavelengths, in embedded vision systems, and for scene or gesture recognition. 

For easy evaluation and integration of the sensor IC, which is supplied by ST as a bare die, design engineers can work with a full-featured camera module paired with an ST interface board. The STEVAL-55G0MBI1 module features a soldered sensor in a PLCC package, an M12 lens holder screwed to the board, and a removable lens. The module also has a flex cable to connect to a broad range of embedded processing platforms. 

The module is one of a family of modules for evaluating various products in the ST BrightSense image sensor portfolio: all share the same standard connector and pinout, to enable easy replacement of one image sensor with another in proof-of-concept or prototype designs. 

All the image sensor modules are backed by a comprehensive set of enablement software, drivers and evaluation tools, including drivers for a Linux® operating system. They also support GUI software for evaluation when paired with the STEVAL-EVK-U0I1 main evaluation board. 

The STEVAL-EVK-U0I1 evaluation board has a USB output connector and two input connectors, including one for sensor boards such as the STEVAL-55G0MBI1. The STEVAL-EVK-U0I1 board is screwed to a mechanical board holder, to enable stable image capture in various configurations including on a flat surface or a tripod.

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