New automotive PCIe 6.0 clock generators provide multiple 100 MHz outputs

The PI6CG33xQ from Diodes Incorporated offers excellent performance and an attractive feature set for high-speed PCIe designs that require high signal integrity and a wide timing margin.

The PI6CG33xQ from Diodes Incorporated are low-power, automotive-grade PCIe® 6.0 clock generators which save space and provide configuration options for design flexibility. 

These clock generators provide accurate clock signals for high-speed automotive applications such as infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and telematics. Featuring very low average jitter of less than 40 fs, the PI6CG33xQ clock generators provide the wide timing margins needed to enable robust and reliable PCIe 6.0 system design.  

These clock generators are available in versions with two, four, six, or eight outputs, and are backwards-compatible with all earlier versions of the PCIe standard. The clock generators use a 25 MHz crystal or CMOS reference input to generate multiple 100 MHz differential, high-speed current-steering logic (HCSL) outputs with on-chip termination. The on-chip termination removes the need for four external resistors for each output, saving board space.

All PI6CG33xQ clock generators have individual Output Enable pins for improved power management. Both slew rate and amplitude are adjustable via an SMBus interface, enabling developers to configure the device to optimize performance for specific boards.

Part Number Number of Outputs Package Board Footprint
PI6CG332Q 2 24-lead TQFN/SWP  4 mm x 4 mm
PI6CG334Q 4 32-lead TQFN/SWP 5 mm x 5 mm
PI6CG336Q 6 40-lead TQFN/SWP 5 mm x 5 mm
PI6CG338Q 8 48-lead TQFN/SWP  6 mm x 6 mm
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