New MOSFET relay offers high voltage capability in a miniature package

The Panasonic Industry AQY206GV solid-state MOSFET relay can handle load voltages of up to 600 V, and provides a reliable alternative to electro-mechanical relays, which are prone to mechanical wear and tear.

Panasonic has introduced the AQY206GV, a high-capacity solid-state MOSFET relay housed in a compact surface-mount SSOP package. Despite the small size, this relay offers a high voltage capability of 600 V, and performs quiet, fast, and bounce-free switching.

This new Panasonic 1 Form A relay provides I/O isolation of 1,500 Vrms, and operates at temperatures up to 105°C. Low on-resistance of 8 Ω makes the AQY206GV suitable for ac or dc industrial applications that require efficient power management as well as fast switching.

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