PIR sensors for security equipment perform accurate detection of people

The IRA-S series sensors from Murata provide good quality and performance thanks to their high signal-to-noise ratio. Robust by design, the IRA-S products suit outdoor use in temperatures up to 70°C.

The IRA-S series from Murata are pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensors which are used in security, surveillance and outdoor lighting systems and in consumer devices to detect the presence of people. 

The IRA-S PIR sensors are housed in a round leaded package which has a diameter of 9.2 mm, and which is 4.7 mm deep. The sensors, which produce an analogue output, are available in eight variants which offer typical responsivity of 3.3 mV, 4.5 mV or 7.0 mV. 

Murata pyroelectric infrared sensors feature minimal variation between production units thanks to the application of unique pyroelectric ceramic technologies developed by the company over many years. In addition, a high signal-to-noise ratio means that the Murata devices are highly sensitive to the presence of people, resulting in accurate detection and a low rate of false positives. 

Murata also supplies a separate range of five fresnel lenses for application to the IRA-S PIR sensors, offering users a range of sizes, optical specifications and mounting types.

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