Precision current sense amplifier minimizes measurement error

The STMicroelectronics compact, surface-mount TSC2020 bidirectional current sense amplifier, provides accurate outputs in current measurement and circuit protection applications operating at voltages up to 100 V.

The TSC2020 from STMicroelectronics is a bi-directional current sense amplifier for use with a shunt resistor to measure current with a high degree of precision and accuracy. 

The amplifier can perform high- or low-side current sensing, and is also suitable for other functions such as over-current protection, current monitoring and feedback loops.

The TSC2020 operates over a wide range of common-mode voltages from -4 V to 100 V, regardless of the supply voltage, typically drawing 1.7 mA operating current. The amplifier senses very low voltage drops, minimizing the contribution to total measurement error. Amplifier gain is 20 V/V.

Maximum offset voltage is just ±150 ΌV, and the TSC2020 is supplied in an SO8 or Mini-SO8 package.

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