Six-axis motion sensor provides robust performance in vehicles

The EWTS5G inertial measurement unit from Panasonic features low offset values for easy integration, and a special surface-mount package to facilitate error-free assembly.

Panasonic has introduced the EWTS5G, a six-axis inertial measurement unit, or motion sensor, which provides accurate measurements of acceleration and rate of turn with an integrated 3D accelerometer and gyroscope. 

Ideal for use in a wide variety of automotive, mobility, transportation, and industrial applications, the EWTS5G is highly resistant to extremes of temperature, and handles the shock and vibration experienced in vehicles. 

Low offset values, which are stable over the lifetime of the motion sensor, make the EWTS5G easy to integrate into circuit designs: the gyroscope offset is ±2 degrees/s, and the accelerometer offset is ±50 mg. 

The EWTS5G is supplied in a QFN package with wettable flanks which measures 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm x 1.1 mm. The package includes an edge which forms a step. Solder creates a reliable connection in the throat of this step. This provides for high-quality soldering and reliable, error-free assembly.

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