Standard-compliant RS-485 transceiver offers high 40 Mbits/s data rate

The STMicroelectronics ST4E1240 extends the range of RS-485 transceivers to support the standardā€™s higher data-transfer rate, for robust communications in industrial and factory automation applications.

With the launch of the ST4E1240, STMicroelectronics is extending the capability of its portfolio of RS-485 transceivers to cover data-transfer requirements up to a maximum speed of 40 Mbits/s.Ā 

The ST4E1240 is a low-power, differential line transceiver for half-duplex RS-485 transmissions which is ideal for multi-point applications over extended cable runs. The transceiver is tolerant of high transient ESD voltages. For instance, the bus pins withstand contact discharges of up Ā±12 kV.Ā 

Using the ST4E1240, equipment designers can configure a bus network with more than 64 transceivers, and up to 100 nodes. Compatible with PROFIBUS network requirements, the differential output voltage exceeds 2.1 V at a 5 V supply. The ST4E1240 also meets or exceeds the requirements of the TIA/EIA-485A standard.Ā 

The ST family of standard RS-485 transceivers also includes the ST4E1216, which supports data transfers at rates up to 16 Mbits/s. Both transceivers are supplied in a standard SO-8 package with a 4.9 mm x 3.9 mm footprint. The ST4E1216 operates over a temperature range of -40Ā°C to 125Ā°C, and the ST4E1240 from -40Ā°C to 85Ā°C.

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