TFT LCD display offers high brightness for use in outdoor applications

The ATM0500D27-CT display from Zettler is available with various features to deliver superior ruggedness and durability in products subject to harsh conditions, such as EV chargers.

The ATM0500D27-CT from Zettler Electronics is a 5” TFT LCD display for use in harsh outdoor conditions, such as the high temperatures and high humidity to which an electric vehicle (EV) charger is exposed. 

This display is one of a wide range of Zettler displays which meet the demanding requirements of outdoor applications, such as sunlight readability, resistance to fingerprint marks, multi-touch sensing capability, and tolerance of UV irradiation. The Zettler display range extends from small, simple segment displays to large TFT LCD screens. 

In the case of the ATM0500D27-CT, reliable operation in harsh conditions is assured by an operating-temperature range of -20°C to 85°C, and tolerance of relative humidity up to 85%. Brightness is 950 cd/m2. 

Zettler displays can also be configured to meet additional requirements with features such as: 

  • UV filter
  • Extended operating-temperature range 
  • High-brightness backlight to ensure readability in sunlight 

The display can be configured with interfaces to enable easy integration with any microcontroller. Interface options include RGB, LVDS, MIPI, UART, and HDMI.

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