Thin-film resistors offer high tolerance of harsh operating conditions

The broad NTR family of resistors from NIC Components, based on advanced thin-film technology, provides superior performance and stability, and includes resistors for automotive and high-power applications.

The NTR family of thin-film resistors from NIC Components takes advantage of advanced technology to outperform thick-film resistors in precision and the ability to operate in harsh operating environments.  

Thin-film resistors excel in applications that require low noise, stability, and a very low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR). Offering tight tolerance of resistance as low as ±0.01%, and a TCR as low as ±2 ppm/°C, the NTR thin-film resistors cover resistance values ranging from 1 Ω to 3 MΩ. The resistors are available in standard E24, E96, and E192 values, and in EIA case sizes from 0201 to 2512.

To meet the need in some applications for extreme precision and stability, NIC also offers additional series of resistors in the NTR family:

  • NTRA and NTRH series: for applications that demand higher reliability or power ratings. These resistors are AEC-Q200 qualified, and support PPAP processes up to level 3 
  • NTRC NiCr and NTRT tantalum nitride resistors: these resistors withstand high moisture levels and humidity thanks to their additional passivation

NTRN aluminum nitride resistors: special thermally conductive substrates and enlarged backside terminations reduce thermal resistance, making the NTRN resistors ideal in high-power applications

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