32-bit MCU provides high-performance control for BLDC and other motor types

The STMicroelectronics STM32G4 series of microcontrollers features a 32-bit RISC core which runs the DSP and floating point unit instructions for motor-control applications, with a rich set of software and development resources.

Automotive-grade Hall-effect latches give superior resistance to physical stress

The AH371xQ series magnetic switches from Diodes Incorporated handle the electrical and magnetic stresses experienced by in-cabin and engine management applications in vehicles, while providing useful options for design flexibility.

Highly configurable 8-bit MCU offers integrated alternative to PLDs

The PIC16F13145 microcontroller from Microchip features a new configurable logic block (CLB) module alongside common MCU peripherals, including an ADC, DAC, PWMs and timers as well as serial communications interfaces.

Reliable connectors offer high current capability for use in industrial equipment

Hirose supplies the DF60 series of connectors in configurations for board or panel mounting. Compatible with 8 to 12 AWG wire, the DF60 connectors offer robust locking for secure connections.

Magnetic angle sensor produces very low error over high bandwidth

The high-resolution MA600 angle sensor from Monolithic Power Systems features a broad set of configuration options which give designers flexibility in spatial, electrical and magnetic settings.

How advanced electronics technologies will help manufacturers profit from the opportunities in decarbonization

Future Electronics is forecasting strong growth in demand for electronic components that support device-level energy harvesting, residential and commercial energy storage systems, and dc metering of systems such as electric vehicle chargers.

By Riccardo Collura
Vertical Segment Manager Power (EMEA), Future Electronics

32-bit MCUs include special features for motor-control applications

The XMC™1300 and XMC1400 microcontrollers from Infineon provide high-performance control for motor drives due to features including a CCU8 PWM timer unit, easy inverter design, a POSIF interface, and adjustable ADC.

Integrated three-phase motor controller includes 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4-based MCU

The STSPIN32G4 from STMicroelectronics combines a 32-bit microcontroller with a triple half-bridge gate driver in a single package, is capable of implementing advanced motor-control schemes, and running two independent BLDC motors.

80 V MOSFET saves space and power in dc-dc converters

The SiZF4800LDT from Vishay, in a thermally efficient 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm PowerPAIR® package, features the fourth generation of the TrenchFET® MOSFET technology, for high efficiency when switching at high frequency.

Ultra low-power load switch ICs extend battery life with nA-rated leakage current

The Low Quiescent (LQ) series of load switch ICs from Littelfuse features reduced parasitic leakage current and low on-resistance. Several compact package options offer a high level of integration.

Power MOSFET offers >90% efficiency for high-end power conversion at 500 kHz switching frequency

The STL120N10F8 100 V power MOSFET from STMicroelectronics features reduced conduction and switching losses and low EMI, enabling engineers to realize efficient designs for power supplies and power converters.

How noise-optimized MOSFETs ease EMC compliance in industrial and telecoms applications

A range of MOSFETs from Nexperia, supplied in an LFPAK56 package which has a standard footprint, reveals marked reductions in EMI peaks and in average noise when tested against competing products.

Full-bridge driver IC provides flexible control for brushed dc motors

The STSPIN958 full-bridge driver from STMicroelectronics offers a highly versatile, scalable solution for the control of brushed dc motors, with output current up to 5 A and standby consumption of 3 μA.

Robust 80 V MOSFETs improve efficiency with lower switching losses and softer recovery diode

The new 80 V T10 single N-channel MOSFETs from onsemi feature a softer recovery diode and low reverse-recovery charge and gate charge to minimize driver and conduction losses in motor-drive and voltage-conversion applications.

Complete cloud security solution protects IoT devices from cyber-attack

The OPTIGA™ Trust M tamper-resistant security solution from Infineon is Common Criteria EAL6+ certified. The secure element can be used with any MCU or application processor to enhance the security of IoT designs.

New dc-dc converters meet fast-switching requirements of GaN-based systems

The MGN1 converter modules from Murata provide the ideal isolated power supply solution for the gate drivers required by GaN power switches. Compact dimensions ensure the modules suit tightly-packed board layouts.

Zener-protected power MOSFET offers reduced ringing and higher circuit efficiency

The 600 V STD7N60DM2 power MOSFET from STMicroelectronics features a fast recovery diode, and offers low reverse-recovery charge and time for higher efficiency in demanding converter topologies.

Compact magnetic connectors with 30,000 mating cycles for reliable charging of consumer devices

The EDAC magnetic pogo connectors feature a robust magnetic design for easy, reliable alignment, with linear or circular housing options and contacts rated at up to 2 A.

480 MHz Cortex-M85-based MCU offers high performance and abundant features for motor control

The RA8T1 series of 32-bit microcontrollers from Renesas features the Arm AI-capable, highest-performance M-class core with Helium™ and TrustZone® technology for secure, advanced motor control designs.

Low-loss IGBT enables safer paralleling with tighter parameter distribution

The STMicroelectronics STGD6M65DF2 M-series 650 V IGBT features an optimal balance between inverter system performance and efficiency, with a maximum junction temperature of 175°C.

Reference designs for Lattice FPGAs ease design of power circuits

Monolithic Power Systems provides a set of ready-made circuit designs for Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs that can be optimized for low bill-of-materials cost or small system size.

Application-certified dc film capacitors for rating consistency throughout product lifetime

The Panasonic Industry EZPV series of dc film capacitors uses a new fabrication process that greatly improves the capacitance stability over time, offering standard, industrial, and automotive-compliant film capacitors.

10 MBd optocouplers save energy in industrial applications

The latest high-speed optocouplers from Vishay feature a wide supply range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V and an open collector output. Single- and dual-channel configurations are available.

Fully programmable motor controller combines MCU with gate driver IC in a single package

The MOTIX™ IMD700A/701A motor controller from Infineon enables designers to implement compact BLDC motor or PMSM control systems with fewer components, and supporting operation from a battery power supply.

New 32-bit MCUs provide ideal platform for control of BLDC, PMSM and other motors

The new NXP Semiconductors MCX A series microcontrollers feature high-performance mixed-signal circuitry and a motor-control sub-system, backed by a rich set of software resources in the NXP App Code Hub.

Isolated gate driver for SiC MOSFETs offers robust performance

The STGAP2SiCS from STMicroelectronics offers high immunity to transient voltages, and maintains stable operation when used in hard-switching topologies. Low propagation delay enables power-system designs to support high switching frequencies.

Miniature omnipolar TMR sensors draw low current in flange-mounted applications

The 54100 and 54140 omnipolar tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) sensors from Littelfuse feature digital switching at up to 1 kHz, handling a maximum load of 3 mA at 5.5 V dc. The IP67-rated housing is available in two mounting options.

Automotive-grade polymer capacitors are low-profile and rectangular for easy integration

The KEMET APL90 aluminum polymer capacitors are available in a low-profile package that eases stacking and effective heat-sink integration in 48 V automotive applications.

Robust relays with 5 mm width offer high packing density for space-constrained applications

The PF and PA-N relays from Panasonic Industry present engineers with a versatile, highly compact solution for load switching without compromising safe thermal and electrical operation.