New 1.5 Mpixel monochrome image sensor provides sophisticated on-chip tools

The STMicroelectronics VD56G3 for machine vision and robotics applications is available for evaluation in a convenient camera module format shared by the ST BrightSense family of image sensors.

New MOSFET relay offers high voltage capability in a miniature package

The Panasonic Industry AQY206GV solid-state MOSFET relay can handle load voltages of up to 600 V, and provides a reliable alternative to electro-mechanical relays, which are prone to mechanical wear and tear.

Capacitive sensing MCU provides high signal quality in multi-sensor applications

The new PSoC 4000T from Infineon is a configurable microcontroller which gives designers a great deal of flexibility to program hardware features. New capacitive-sensing technology offers improved performance at lower power.

New automotive PCIe 6.0 clock generators provide multiple 100 MHz outputs

The PI6CG33xQ from Diodes Incorporated offers excellent performance and an attractive feature set for high-speed PCIe designs that require high signal integrity and a wide timing margin.

Standard-compliant RS-485 transceiver offers high 40 Mbits/s data rate

The STMicroelectronics ST4E1240 extends the range of RS-485 transceivers to support the standard’s higher data-transfer rate, for robust communications in industrial and factory automation applications.

Silicon process innovations help FPGAs to fit low-power requirements of embedded applications

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  • FPGAs from Lattice Semiconductor and Microchip that take advantage of the latest improvements in low-power process technology

Rolling-shutter CMOS image sensors set new low-power industry benchmark

The Hyperlux™ LP image sensors from onsemi can extend battery life by up to 40%, with three options for resolution, and an advanced pixel design for all lighting conditions.

Automotive op amp offers high accuracy and stability

The TSZ151 from STMicroelectronics is ideal for use in sensor signal conditioning and current measurement in vehicles due to low drift and low offset voltage.

New entry-level MCUs offer best-in-class power consumption

Renesas has launched the RA0 series of microcontrollers to provide a new entry point into 32-bit processing, with essential functions and very low power, cost and size.

Attractive metal switches now available with colored indicator lights

SCHURTER has extended the MSM II family of Metal Line switches, adding ring, area and point LED illumination to provide a visual indication of switching status.

High-speed 25 Mbaud optocoupler provides digital input and output interfaces

The Vishay VOIH72A optocoupler maintains excellent signal integrity in isolated interfaces, and features high noise immunity, as well as a wide temperature range.

Understanding the power benefits of integrated motion detection in image sensors

A feature of the new Hyperlux™ LP image sensors from onsemi is wake-on-motion, which allows the device to operate in a low-power mode until the scene is worth capturing.

Tiny 3D magnetometer gives superior performance and high reliability

The new MLX90394 magnetometer from Melexis achieves an excellent trade-off between low noise, power consumption and cost to give designers an effective way to build position-sensing functions into an end product.

PIR sensors for security equipment perform accurate detection of people

The IRA-S series sensors from Murata provide good quality and performance thanks to their high signal-to-noise ratio. Robust by design, the IRA-S products suit outdoor use in temperatures up to 70°C.

Dual automotive-grade op amp features low input-offset voltage

The STMicroelectronics TSB182 combines high speed with low power consumption, while a wide input-voltage range provides for robust operation in automotive circuits.

TFT LCD display offers high brightness for use in outdoor applications

The ATM0500D27-CT display from Zettler is available with various features to deliver superior ruggedness and durability in products subject to harsh conditions, such as EV chargers.

Dc-dc converter provides dual isolated outputs for reliable gate driving

The 2 W R24C2T25 power module from RECOM generates programmable gate-drive bias voltages for various switch types. This gate driver has numerous circuit protection features built-in.

Thin-film resistors offer high tolerance of harsh operating conditions

The broad NTR family of resistors from NIC Components, based on advanced thin-film technology, provides superior performance and stability, and includes resistors for automotive and high-power applications.

World’s smallest MEMS accelerometers save space in wearable and audio devices

The Bosch Sensortec BMA530 and BMA580 MEMS accelerometers integrate software which enables intelligent interpretation of motion data, to detect user interaction and voice activity.

Six-axis motion sensor provides robust performance in vehicles

The EWTS5G inertial measurement unit from Panasonic features low offset values for easy integration, and a special surface-mount package to facilitate error-free assembly.

Precision current sense amplifier minimizes measurement error

The STMicroelectronics compact, surface-mount TSC2020 bidirectional current sense amplifier, provides accurate outputs in current measurement and circuit protection applications operating at voltages up to 100 V.

650 V SiC MOSFET offers low on-resistance and fast switching

The NTBG023N065M3S from onsemi takes full advantage of the superior switching and thermal characteristics of silicon carbide compared to silicon, to enable smaller and lighter power circuits.

Wire-to-board connectors feature robust locking mechanism

The Hirose DF51K series connectors are available in various options, to give designers the freedom to configure connections to suit each application, with easy to assemble connectors and secure connections.

Automotive varistor provides up to 6 kV of protection from power surges

The compact SM10 metal oxide varistor from Littelfuse, supplied in a vertical surface-mount package, is ideal for the harsh environment of electric and other vehicles.

New 0.38 Mpixel monochrome image sensor excels at NIR wavelengths

The STMicroelectronics VD55G0 for machine vision and robotics applications is available for evaluation in a convenient camera module format shared by the ST BrightSense family of image sensors.

Durable wireless pressure/temperature transducers enable remote process control

The M5600/01 and U5600/01 from TE Connectivity provide Bluetooth® connectivity to enable industrial equipment operators to implement accurate pressure measurement without the need for communications cabling.

New NFC tag-side controller integrates sensing and energy harvesting

The Infineon NGC1081 enables compact, battery-free smart IoT sensor solutions. Compliant with the NFC standard for tag devices, this controller implements motor control and sensing functions on-chip.

30 V MOSFET offers high efficiency in power-conversion applications

The SiSD5300DN 5th generation TrenchFET® MOSFET from Vishay, built with source flip technology, offers a step-up in performance, reducing both on-resistance and gate charge for lower switching and conduction losses.

Multi-voltage crystal oscillators streamline inventory across product portfolios

Every ECS-2520MV oscillator from ECS Inc is compatible with battery power supplies and with fixed input voltages of 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.0 V or 3.3 V, and offers high timing precision.

Robust inductive force sensor simplifies touchscreen assembly

The IQS7366 surface-mount force-sensing IC from Azoteq enables OEMs to implement a mechanical design for a touchscreen which is simple and easy to manufacture.