Panasonic Industry

The PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit is an evaluation kit consisting of four battery-powered PAN1780 sensor nodes, and a sink that allows the engineer to set up a Wirepas network in just a few steps, at any time and any place. 

The kit consists of: 

  • Four PAN1780 sensor nodes
  • One PAN1780 sink
  • Four Panasonic CR2032 batteries

Relay with forcibly guided contacts features space-saving flat housing

The SF-M relay from Panasonic offers safety standard compliance, making it ideal for use in industrial and building automation applications that have special safety requirements.

Panasonic power choke coils offer robust performance and cost-saving in demanding automotive applications

The ETQPxMxxxKVx series from Panasonic features a special metal composite core which offers performance advantages over competing power choke products, and saves space when replacing traditional ferrite products.

Polarized power relays perform energy-efficient switching operations

Panasonic supplies multiple series of polarized power relays to meet the needs of many applications. These relays offer substantially lower power consumption than other types of electromechanical relay, with low self-heating.

MOSFET relay family affords design flexibility with choice of more than 150 variants

The GU series of PhotoMOS® solid-state relays from Panasonic offers high isolation ratings for use in industrial automation equipment, while providing longer life and a lower failure rate than traditional electromechanical relays.

Coming Soon: New Bluetooth Low Energy module provides strong set of security protection features

Highly integrated PAN1783 wireless module from Panasonic guards the integrity of code, data and privacy with cryptographic hardware, secure hardware partitioning, secure key storage, and a root-of-trust.