6 A relay with ultra-low profile enables designers to shrink safety modules

The SF-M relay from Panasonic is ideal for safety applications in motor-control systems or extension modules. The relay complies with the specifications of the IEC 61810-3 standard for relays with forcibly guided contacts.

Precision resistors offer stable performance at high temperature and humidity

Panasonic Industry Europe supplies a broad range of chip resistors, including products optimized for precision, reliability or stability, and featuring maximum operating-temperature ratings up to 155°C.

New 1,500 V relay in miniature DIP5 package ideal for industrial battery management systems

AQV258H5 HE series PhotoMOS® relays from Panasonic provide isolation of 5 kV, and offer unlimited lifetime and high immunity to shock and vibration, giving a valuable alternative to conventional electro-mechanical relays.

Surface-mount capacitors offer low ESR and excellent noise reduction up to 125°C

The SVT series, part of the Panasonic OS-CON family of surface-mount conductive polymer aluminum capacitors, tolerates high-temperature operation and gives reliable operation over a long lifetime.

Bluetooth Low Energy modules new firmware eases implementation of mesh networking

The Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz multi-hop mesh networking firmware is now featured in the PAN1770 and PAN1780 from Panasonic, which enables scalable extension of network range.

Aluminum polymer capacitors set new benchmark for temperature resistance

The Panasonic SP-Cap portfolio combines improved temperature performance with high capacitance values and ripple current ratings.