Advanced relays and resistors ensure high signal integrity in the latest generation of test and measurement equipment

By Jeffrey Katz, Product Manager, and Eric Johnsrud, Product Manager, Panasonic

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  • The demand which test and measurement equipment imposes on electronic components for low noise, low distortion, and high-frequency operation
  • New relays which offer long lifetime in fast-switching measurement applications
  • Resistors which maintain very accurate resistance values in all operating conditions

Innovations in component technology address latest requirements of 5G mobile equipment designs

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• Why new types of 5G equipment require components which are more robust and smaller, and offer higher signal integrity

• New resistor designs for 5G applications which are resistant to solder joint cracking under temperature stress

• The latest miniature relays for densely populated power distribution units

Robust package design makes six-axis motion sensor ideal for harsh automotive applications

EWTS5G sensor is automotive-qualified and supports the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard. Panasonic Industry Europe has developed a six-axis inertial motion sensor which provides the robust and accurate performance required in automotive applications.