Board Club: supporting innovative electronics design

Europe’s electronics industry thrives on the application of innovation and creativity. And an essential innovator’s tool in design projects is the development board.

The Board Club site is a Future Electronics resource for users of development boards. Here, and only here, you can gain access to exclusive dev boards and dev board offers.

  • Through its close ties with semiconductor suppliers, Future Electronics has negotiated special dev board offers for its customers. A range of microcontroller, microprocessor, FPGA and analogue development boards are available free only via Board Club.
  • Documentation and technical support material for boards available via Board Club is also available online at the site.


What’s more, all these resources are available absolutely free to pre-qualified* applicants.

Future Electronics’ services to design engineers
Board Club is just one of the ways in which broadline distributor Future Electronics supports its European design engineer customers. Other technical services include:

  • Technical design support close to you. Field Applications Engineers are based in each of our 47 branches around Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Future Electronics customers exclusively receive FTM newsletter, Europe’s top source of product news and applications technology.
  • The System Design Centre in London, UK is the European centre of expertise on Future boards and other third-party development boards


Future Electronics also has an advanced set of supply chain services once your design goes to production. For more information about Future Electronics, and its range of products and services, visit www.futureelectronics.com.

*What does pre-qualifying mean?
Future Electronics will ship you the board you apply for at no cost if:

  • your company is an active Future Electronics customer
  • your current or next design project requires functions that the board provides
  • your design project is intended to go to volume production


Board Club, the Board Club logo, and the Board Club website at www.my-boardclub.com are properties of Future Electronics (EMEA). For information about Future Electronics, including contact details, go to www.futureelectronics.com.
For enquiries about Board Club and the Board Club website, contact the Marketing Communications department of Future Electronics (EMEA), e-mail: info-eur-future@futureelectronics.com, or telephone: +44 (0)1784 275000.