1 W isolated dc-dc converter module offers excellent regulation at the point of load

The MIE1W0505BGLVH isolated regulated dc-dc power module from Monolithic Power Systems includes built-in feedback blocking and circuit protection functions which ensure reliable operation.

The MIE1W0505BGLVH isolated power module from Monolithic Power Systems provides a ready-made way to provide regulated power at the point of load. 

Operating from an input-voltage range of 3 V to 5.5 V, the MIE1W0505BGLVH supplies loads of up to 1 W. Excellent load and line regulation helps to maintain the stable operation of loads such as FPGAs or microprocessors.

The MIE1W0505BGLVH uses capacitive isolation technology for feedback blocking: this enables the module to regulate the output voltage without the need for an optocoupler and shunt regulator. 

The power module offers isolation of 2.5 kVrms. Continuous short-circuit and over-temperature protection functions ensure reliable operation. The module complies with the requirements of the EN 55032 Class B standard for electromagnetic emissions.