100 W USB PD sink power controller provides flexible management and protection features

The STUSB4500 from STMicroelectronics is a USB Power Delivery (PD) controller which provides robust and flexible management of devices sinking up to 100 W at 20 V/5 A. 

STUSB4500 from STMicroelectronics can operate in stand-alone mode with no need for a microcontroller.

The STUSB4500 gives designers the flexibility to use a USB channel as a power source without the need for a microcontroller. The device implements a proprietary algorithm which allows the negotiation of a power delivery contract with a source in auto-run mode, without an MCU. The STUSB4500 stores up to three customizable power data object (PDO) profile configurations in an integrated non-volatile memory. The power profile can also optionally be customized by the application’s microcontroller – an open source library of code for this is available.

The controller is compliant with the USB PD 2.0 specifications, and with the USB Type-C™ rev 1.2 standard. The device supports the USB PD standard dead battery mode, which means that sink devices may be powered from a dead battery state with a high-power charging profile.

Robust operation is assured by the controller’s comprehensive set of protection features. These include short-circuit protection up to 22 V, and high-voltage capability up to 28 V on the bus voltage pins that are directly connected to its power path.


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