2.1 kW LED drivers with low output-current ripple suit HDTV sports broadcasting

The EUCO ARENA SPORT 2K1 series from Delta provides three independent channels for driving LED lighting installations, each with up to 700 W of output power and controllable by DALI2/D4i or DMX-RDM interfaces.

The Delta EUCO ARENA SPORT 2K1 LED drivers supply a maximum load of 2,100 W from a nominal input voltage of 220 V to 400 V ac. These constant-current, non-isolated LED drivers are highly efficient, and support programmable output currents from 700 mA to 2,000 mA, with an output-voltage range of 250 V to 550 V dc per channel.

Peak-to-peak output-current ripple of 1% makes these drivers well suited for lighting in HDTV broadcast applications. Constant light output, a wide dimming range down to 0.1%, and autonomous dimming functionality enable versatile operation for supporting different levels of ambient lighting during long sporting events. The drivers can be controlled from a distance of up to 200 metres, which enables use in the largest of venues.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, the Delta EUCO ARENA SPORT 2K1 series comes in an IP66, IK08-rated enclosure rated for operation at temperatures between -40°C and 50°C. High-accuracy integrated power monitoring and input-surge protection of up to 10 kV ensure reliable operation in harsh operating conditions.

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