30 A PCB relay saves space in industrial equipment

The T9G series from TE Connectivity has a standard footprint, and features innovative design that maintains distance between coil and contacts in a small enclosure.

The Potter and Brumfield T9G series products from TE Connectivity (TE), the smallest 30 A PCB relays in their class, enable industrial equipment manufacturers to fit more components on a board without compromising relay performance. The T9G relays are 30% smaller than the T9A series, and occupy 13% less board area. Despite these space savings, the T9G relays have a standard footprint. 

The monostable T9G relays comply with the specifications of the IEC 61810-1 standard for reinforced insulation thanks to an innovative design that increases the distance between coil and contacts within a small package. This helps to prevent flash-over from the control circuit to the load, resulting in a safer application.

Quick-connect terminations make the relay user-friendly and easy to install. 

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