300 mA LDOs provide point-of-load supply to battery-powered automotive systems

The AP7583AQ and AP7583Q LDOs from Diodes Incorporated include a power-good indicator to help maintain a reliable power supply and to enable rapid identification of power faults.

Diodes Incorporated has introduced two new automotive-compliant LDO voltage regulators which are ideal for providing a point-of-load power supply to battery-connected automotive ICs or systems. The AP7583AQ and AP7583Q LDOs provide a maximum output current of 300 mA. Their dropout voltage is 320 mV. 

The LDOs feature a power-good indicator which enables continual power-supply monitoring. It also provides fault reporting capabilities and facilitates power sequencing.

The AP7583AQ and AP7583Q LDOs are available with a fixed output voltage of 3.3 V or 5 V, or with an adjustable output. They operate over a wide input-voltage range of 3 V to 42 V. This allows these LDOs to support cold-cranking and to handle load dumps.

The ultra-low quiescent current of 3 ¬ĶA is another key characteristic of the AP7583AQ and AP7583Q series, helping to restrict power consumption in always-on components such as microcontrollers and CAN transceivers in standby systems.

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