40 V MOSFETs save energy and lower noise in power systems and motors

STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics, based on new STripFET F8 technology, offer low on-resistance and switching losses, while supporting high switching speeds of up to 1 MHz.

STMicroelectronics has extended its portfolio of low-voltage MOSFETs with the introduction of the STPOWER STripFET F8 oxide-filled trench technology, which cuts both on-resistance and switching losses while optimizing the MOSFET’s body-diode properties. 

This AEC-Q101 qualified technology will be deployed in MOSFETs with breakdown voltage ratings ranging from 30 V to 150 V to meet all the requirements for very high-power-density solutions.

The advanced STripFET F8 technology supports high switching frequencies thanks to low device capacitance, which minimizes dynamic parameters such as gate-drain charge, boosting system efficiency. Designers can select switching frequencies between 600 kHz and 1 MHz. These high switching speeds permit the use of small capacitive and magnetic components to reduce circuit size and increase the power density of the final application.

The first MOSFETs to benefit from the STripFET F8 technology are the STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG 40 V N-channel, enhancement mode MOSFETs. The STL320N4LF8 features maximum on-resistance of 0.8 mΩ at a gate-source voltage of 10 V. The figure for the STL325N4LF8AG is 0.75 mΩ. 

These 40 V MOSFETs are also notable for their low EMI output, thanks to an embedded snubber, which prevents spikes in the drain-source voltage, and the body diode’s soft-recovery characteristic. In addition, the diode’s low reverse-recovery charge minimizes energy losses in hard-switching topologies.

The gate threshold voltage is tightly controlled in the STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG to ensure a narrow spread across devices, enabling the parallel connection of multiple MOSFETs to handle increased current. 

The MOSFETs are housed in a space-saving and thermally efficient PowerFLAT package with a footprint of 5 mm x 6 mm.

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