6 A relay with ultra-low profile enables designers to shrink safety modules

The SF-M relay from Panasonic is ideal for safety applications in motor-control systems or extension modules. The relay complies with the specifications of the IEC 61810-3 standard for relays with forcibly guided contacts.

The SF-M safety relay from Panasonic is the industry’s first to fit one normally open (1NO) and one normally closed (1NC) power contact in a flat package which is just 7.8 mm high. Designers can use the SF-M relay to miniaturize any kind of safety module, as it can switch high loads on both contacts.

The power contacts can switch 6 A on the NO side and 4 A on the NC side at 250 V ac or 30 V dc. This means that the SF-M can directly handle loads such as motors or valves without any additional relay between it and the load. 

The SF-M relay also handles low-voltage signals effectively: the silver alloy contacts can handle signals as small as 10 V/1 mA. This capability is useful in many applications, particularly track-side railway signaling equipment and industrial systems.

In line with the specifications of the IEC 61810-3 standard, the forcibly guided contacts monitor each other to enable the implementation of any kind of safety control application. The SF-M relay supports systems for the safe operation of machinery, automation or building equipment. 

On the NO side, reinforced insulation of at least 5.5 mm meets the IEC category III specification, and can withstand surges of up to 6 kV. The SF-M relays offer high shock and vibration resistance of at least 20 g. Low coil holding power consumption of 100 mW helps to improve system efficiency.

The SF-M series relays are available in reflow-mountable and through-hole configurations. 

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