600 W dc-dc regulator modules operate at up to 96% efficiency

The DSQ, DAQ and DCQ power supplies from Murata Power Solutions, which adopt the DOSA-standard quarter-brick footprint for distributed power systems, provide an option for PMBus digital control.

Murata Power Solutions supplies a series of digitally controlled dc-dc regulator power modules which can supply loads of up to 600 W. The DSQ, DAQ and DCQ dc-dc power modules, which are intended for use in distributed power architectures and in intermediate bus-voltage applications, adopt the standard quarter-brick format specified by the Distributed power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA). 

The first parts in the series provide a fixed 12 V output from an input-voltage range of 36 V to 75 V, supporting the telecommunications network voltage (TNV) specification, at up to 96% efficiency. The DCQ0150V2 is an analog-controlled quarter-brick module. The analog DAQ0150V2 also provides sensing and output-trimming functions. The DSQ0150V2 is a digital version, providing a PMBus interface for communication with power modules. It also has sensing and output-trimming functions. 

The modules incorporate a droop load-sharing option that allows a power-system designer to connect two or more units in parallel to supply loads higher than 600 W, or to provide redundancy in applications that require high reliability. 

The modules feature high input-to-output isolation of 2,250 V dc as required in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) equipment.

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