Advanced LEDs improve lighting quality without sacrificing efficiency

The new 30 W NFCWJ108B-V4H6 and 46 W NFDWJ130B-V4H6 CoB LEDs extend the NICHIA H6 series of LEDs, which combines high efficiency with high CRI.

NICHIA has extended the H6 series of LEDs with the addition of new chip-on-board (CoB) LEDs that produce a higher power output. 

The H6 series provides luminaire manufacturers with a boost both in efficacy and color-rendering capability, while maintaining the long lifetime expected from NICHIA products. The existing COB-V4H6 series of CoB LEDs have 5 W, 9 W and 16 W ratings, and are mainly used for light bulbs, spotlights, and downlights. Now the new 30 W NFCWJ108B-V4H6 and 46 W NFDWJ130B-V4H6 CoB LEDs can be used for lighting in spaces where higher output is required, such as in shops and in facilities with high ceilings.

The H6 series of LEDs provides a CRI of 90+ while maintaining the efficacy normally found in similar 80 CRI LEDs. NICHIA offers the H6 technology in its 757 series with a standard 3030 footprint, as well as in CoB packages.

These products save lighting designers from having to choose between quality of light and efficiency in demanding professional environments such as shops, restaurants, hotels, galleries, and museums, in which they make the colors of merchandise, artworks, and furniture more vivid. The LEDs also help designers to evoke a mood, add accents or grab attention in retail and hospitality venues. The H6 technology can also be used in standard general lighting settings such as offices, schools and homes, in which lighting with a high 90 CRI is set to become the new norm.

The H6 series takes advantage of a unique narrowband red phosphor, called PFS phosphor, and other semiconductor processes and packaging techniques, including TriGain® Technology. Offering superior color quality to traditional 90 CRI LEDs, the H6 LEDs have an R9 score greater than 50. 

TriGain® is a registered trademark of Current Lighting Solutions, LLC.


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