Analog switches and multiplexers offer high precision and low power consumption

Vishay supplies a broad range of signal switching devices to support precision analog circuitry in applications such as data acquisition, industrial process control, test and measurement, and medical systems as well as consumer devices.

Vishay signal switching devices supplied in nearly 20 surface-mount and through-hole package types support precision analog circuitry in all major configuration types: single-pole single-throw, single-pole double-throw, double-pole single throw, and double-pole double-throw. 

The Vishay analog switches and multiplexers offer valuable performance characteristics including low and flat on-resistance, low power consumption, and low leakage current and charge injection. The products are also known for their low parasitic capacitance and high bandwidth, while operating over a wide supply-voltage range. 

The devices are supplied in a number of package options, including TSSOP, SOIC, and miniQFN, giving designers flexibility to optimize board layouts. The products support both single- and dual-supply operation. On-resistance values range from under 1 ő© to more than 10 ő©.


Recent additions to the product family include products that:

  • Extend operating voltage range down to 1.6 V
  • Lower the on-resistance of ¬Ī15 V switches to 1.5 ő©
  • Lower charge injection to below 1 pC
  • Lift signal bandwidth to 1 GHz

These analog products can be used in circuits that perform functions including: 

  • Audio and video signal switching¬†
  • Sample and hold¬†
  • Programmable gain control and filtering¬†
  • Test calibration¬†
  • Precision ADC input multiplexing¬†
  • Signal port isolation¬†
  • Relay replacement
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