Application-certified dc film capacitors for rating consistency throughout product lifetime

The Panasonic Industry EZPV series of dc film capacitors uses a new fabrication process that greatly improves the capacitance stability over time, offering standard, industrial, and automotive-compliant film capacitors.

The EZPV series of dc film capacitors from Panasonic Industry are durable and offer stable capacitance over a wide operating-temperature range. The capacitors are ideal for functions including dc filtering and link circuits. 

Unlike competing alternatives, the EZPV capacitors feature an improved fabrication process which avoids introducing unwanted air bubbles into the structure of the device. This results in additional resilience against changes in humidity and prevents internal corrosion, resulting in a longer operating life.

The EZPV devices are available with a nominal capacitance from 3 µF to 110 µF, and a rated voltage range from 600 V to 1,100 V dc. The packaging is made from a flame-retardant plastic and non-combustible resin to meet safety requirements for UL regulation and RoHS compliance.

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