Automotive-grade 650 V SiC MOSFET sets new standard for transistor efficiency, power density, and switching performance

The SCT055HU65G3AG MOSFET from STMicroelectronics, one of the worldā€™s largest manufacturers of SiC devices, enables faster switching, lowers losses and improves thermal management in automotive and industrial applications.

The SCT055HU65G3AG, part of the third generation of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics, features a substantially lower figure-of-merit for the product of on-resistance and gate charge than the first and second generations.Ā 

Combining low on-resistance over the entire temperature range with low capacitance and fast switching capability, the 650 V SCT055HU65G3AG enables power-system designers to improve energy efficiency while reducing system size and weight when compared to systems based on conventional silicon MOSFETs. SiC MOSFETs also have a higher voltage rating relative to their die size compared to silicon alternatives, making the technology an excellent choice for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV rapid chargers.

The SCT055HU65G3AG has a very fast intrinsic diode, supporting bi-directional power flow, a mandatory characteristic for those automotive on-board chargers that allow the transmission of electricity from an EVā€™s battery to grid infrastructure.Ā 

The high-frequency switching capability of the SCT055HU65G3AG enables the use of smaller passive components, producing more compact and lightweight designs for the electrical equipment in vehicles and industrial equipment.

The packages in which ST supplies its third-generation SiC MOSFETs offer innovative design features, such as specially placed cooling tabs that simplify connection to base-plates and heat spreaders in EV applications.

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