Automotive-grade polymer capacitors are low-profile and rectangular for easy integration

The KEMET APL90 aluminum polymer capacitors are available in a low-profile package that eases stacking and effective heat-sink integration in 48 V automotive applications.

The APL90 from KEMET is a robust, automotive-grade capacitor rated at 63 V dc, and offering capacitance of 1,100 ĀµF. The 53.9 mm x 24.0 mm x 8.0 mm package provides for greater efficiency of design integration.

The compact, rectangular form factor allows for multiple units to be vertically or horizontally stacked in narrow spaces. The large surface area of the metal casing also supports effective heat-sink integration, enabling designs to maintain the optimum operating temperature. Lifetime is 2,000 hours at 125Ā°C when power is applied.

The APL90 capacitors can handle ripple currents of up to 26 A and are tolerant against high levels of vibration or shock up to 20 g. This makes the APL90 extremely reliable, giving long product lifetimes in mechanically unstable environments.

This is the first range of rectangular polymer capacitors and additional voltages can be available on request to support new design platforms.

Typical applications are automotive, such as DC-link on 48 V inverters for MHEV, DC-link on 48 V system motor drives as water pumps, power steering or cooling fans, as well as input capacitors for 48 V system power supplies in data centers

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