Automotive precision op amp combines wide dynamic range with low-noise operation

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AS2376Q, a precision operational amplifier for automotive systems. The device is ideal for the signal conditioning circuit in applications that operate at high frequency, such as on-board chargers and dc-dc converters.

The DIODES™ AS2376Q maintains high signal accuracy in high-frequency applications.

Featuring a gain-bandwidth product of 5.5 MHz, the AS2376Q op amp can handle signals at frequencies as high as 50 kHz without significant loss of accuracy. At the same time, low input-noise density of 9.5 nV/√Hz and 0.8 µVp-p low-frequency noise mean that the AS2376Q maintains good signal integrity.

The offset voltage is a low 5 μV, a value which allows the AS2376Q to provide a wide dynamic range.

The AS2376Q is  manufactured in IATF 16949-certified facilities, and supports PPAP documentation.

DIODES is a trademark of Diodes Incorporated in the United States and other countries

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