Bluetooth Low Energy module with PCB antenna includes RF certifications for use worldwide

RNBD451PE from Microchip is a complete, off-the-shelf Bluetooth networking implementation, including radio, protocol stack and smartphone app, to enable OEMs to save development time and effort.

Microchip makes it easy to add BluetoothĀ® Low Energy networking capability to product designs with its RNBD451PE wireless module.Ā 

Microchip promotes the RNBD451PE as a plug-and-play solution, with no requirement for programming, RF design or regulatory certification. This means that the RNBD451PE saves time, money and engineering resources. The module can be controlled by any microcontroller using ASCII commands over a UART interface.Ā 

The RNBD451PE module includes a PCB antenna which provides optimal RF performance. It is also certified for compliance with RF regulations around the world, saving OEMs the time and expense associated with certification. RNBD451PE modules are pre-certified for use in the US, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, China, Japan, and South Korea.Ā 

Microchip supports the RNBD451PE with a free mobile app and source code for the Androidā„¢ and iOSĀ® operating systems.

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