Broad selection of antenna-matching RF integrated passive devices for STM32WL wireless MCUs

The BALFHB-WL-0xD3 integrated passive devices from STMicroelectronics provide a space-saving alternative to antenna-matching circuits built from discrete devices, and are easier and quicker to implement in wireless systems.

STMicroelectronics has released nine RF integrated passive devices (IPDs) optimized for STM32WL wireless microcontrollers, which operate at frequencies below 1 GHz. 

The BALFHB-WL-0xD3 IPDs combine antenna impedance-matching, balun, and harmonic-filter circuitry in a single compact chip. The IPDs connect the STM32WL MCU to its antenna while providing for the best possible RF performance. 

By integrating all the components on one die, the BALFHB-WL-0xD3 IPDs ensure consistent performance, avoiding the process variations that affect conventional matching networks built with discrete components. They also simplify circuit design, reduce bill-of-materials cost, and save space, making them ideal for cost-sensitive and space-constrained IoT devices.

The STM32WL MCUs are ideal for smart, connected devices as they combine application-level processing and wireless communication in a single chip. They integrate an Arm® Cortex®-M4 MCU core with a sub-GHz long-range radio managed by a Cortex-M0+ core. The radio supports multiple modulation schemes, and comes with LoRaWAN® and Sigfox™ stacks included in the STM32CubeWL software package. 

The nine IPDs for the STM32WL MCUs are optimized for various frequencies, power outputs, MCU package types, and PCB configurations. Each integrates the complete receive and transmit signal paths between the MCU and antenna. A filter provides high attenuation of unwanted transmitter harmonics, helping designers to satisfy the requirements of regulations set by licensing authorities worldwide.

The IPDs are supplied in an 8-bump wafer-level chip-scale package with a footprint of 2.13 mm x 1.83 mm.

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