Buck converter IC performs direct conversion of 60 V to 3.3 V

BD9V101MUF-LB from ROHM Semiconductor uses innovative technology to maintain stable output with pulse widths as short as 20 ns.

ROHM Semiconductor has developed technology, called Nano Pulse Control™, which enables direct power conversion from 60 V to 3.3 V. The technology provides a way for manufacturers to meet the growing demand for power supplies operating from a 48 V power distribution bus in applications such as mild hybrid electric vehicles, forklift trucks, base station back-up power supplies, and industrial robots.


The Nano Pulse Control technology has been implemented in products including the BD9V101MUF-LB, a current-mode synchronous buck converter. The converter, which operates from a wide input-voltage range of 16 V to 60 V, maintains stable control of the output voltage with very short pulse widths down to a minimum of 20 ns. This enables direct conversion from 60 V to 3.3 V at a switching frequency of 2.1 MHz. This high switching frequency means that the power-system designer can use smaller magnetics and capacitors, reducing the system board footprint. The BD9V101MUF-LB is housed in a package measuring 4 mm x 4 mm. 

Reliable operation of the BD9V101MUF-LB in challenging automotive and industrial conditions can be maintained thanks to the provision of comprehensive protection functions. These include: 

  • Over-current protection
  • Input under-voltage lockout 
  • Input over-voltage lockout 
  • Thermal shutdown 
  • Output over-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection

Nano Pulse Control is one of a set of nano power supply technologies that were developed with the aid of ROHM Semiconductor’s advanced analog expertise, which encompasses circuit design, processes, and layout, and that take advantage of the company’s vertically integrated production system.

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