Compact boost converter helps extend battery run-time in wearable and portable devices

The Monolithic Power Systems MP28600’s ultra-low quiescent current and constant off-time control technology keep power losses to a minimum and offer efficient conversion in light-load conditions.

The Monolithic Power Systems MP28600 is a synchronous boost converter that draws an ultra-low quiescent current, ideal for battery-powered products in which low power consumption in light-load conditions is crucial to extend battery run-time. The MP28600 features a constant off-time control mode to achieve high efficiency in light-load conditions.

The MP28600’s boost function enables battery-powered systems to continue operation even when the battery is deeply discharged, and its output voltage falls below the value required by the application. The converter can start from an input voltage as low as 0.7 V. After start-up, the device can continue working with input voltages down to just 0.1 V. 

The output voltage of the MP28600GTF is adjustable in a range from 2.5 V to 5.25 V. The device is also available in versions with a fixed output voltage of 3.3 V or 5 V. 

As well as operating in boost mode when the battery voltage falls below the application voltage, the MP28600 also provides a step-down mode: here, the output voltage can be regulated to its target value even when the input voltage exceeds the output voltage.

The MP28600 is supplied in a SOT563 package that has a footprint of just 1.6 mm x
1.6 mm.