Compact magnetic connectors with 30,000 mating cycles for reliable charging of consumer devices

The EDAC magnetic pogo connectors feature a robust magnetic design for easy, reliable alignment, with linear or circular housing options and contacts rated at up to 2 A.

The magnetic pogo connectors from EDAC are available in two options. Both provide robust operation with 30,000 mating cycles to support reliable connection for the full lifetime of a consumer product. The tear-away magnetic design prevents mechanical damage caused by unintended disconnection.

The 685C02212021C1E connector features a circular design with a diameter of 8.3 mm and a concentric ring contact rated at up to 5 V. This contact is made from brass with a gold-over-nickel plating, and an outer diameter of 2.3 mm. The contact housing is made from PA46 black thermoplastic. The insulation resistance is specified at a minimum of 100 MΩ.

The 685E0321350120E has a black thermoplastic construction, in a 4.1 mm x 21.5 mm linear form factor with three spring-loaded contacts rated at up to 12 V each. This pin assembly is located in the central 8 mm of the connector length, with north- and south-polarized magnets on either side to ensure correct alignment.

The EDAC magnetic pogo connectors are tested for a maximum contact resistance of 60 mΩ after initial mating.

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