Compact TVS diodes for automotive system protection boast 40% smaller PCB footprint

Littlefuse’s SZSMF4L series of automotive-grade TVS diodes offers sub-nanosecond response times and over-voltage transient suppression at up to 400 W for 1 ms, and are suitable for a wide variety of automotive use cases.

The SZSMF4L from Littelfuse are transient voltage suppression diodes supplied in a compact SOD-123FL package that provides greater design flexibility and occupies less space than previous technologies. The footprint is just 3.85 mm by 2.35 mm. In addition to being AEC-Q101 qualified, the SZSMF4L series meets ESD Class 3 and IEC 61000‑4‑2 certification standards.

Unidirectional and bidirectional variants are available with a peak reverse voltage range of 5 V to 78 V and 10 V to 78 V respectively. Both offer low zener impedance, high surge tolerance, and excellent clamping with low leakage current.

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