Compact USB Type-C connectors support 10 Gbits/s data-transfer rate

CX series connectors from Hirose provide the robust mating performance and solid construction needed to meet the requirements of industrial and automotive applications. The connectors are well suited to automated production environments.

Hirose has introduced the CX series of surface-mount and through-hole USB Type-C® connectors which offer a compact footprint to save board space.

 The new CX series connector, which conforms to the specifications of the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard, supports the 10 Gbits/s transmission rate, enabling data transfers twice as fast as those of a conventional 5 Gbits/s USB 3.0 connector. A high-current variant, the CX90M-16P, operates at the USB 2.0 data rate of 480 Mbits/s, and is intended for use in fast battery chargers.

The receptacles feature a hybrid design and use both surface-mount and through-hole soldering to improve mounting accuracy and to minimize the board mounting space needed. The design also facilitates automated optical inspection, and eases reworking of the solder terminal joints with a visible lead design.

 The slim plug is reversible, and the user-friendly receptacle features a symmetrical mating face to prevent incorrect insertion. A tactile click can be felt when mating the connectors to ensure correct engagement and prevent incomplete mating.

USB Type-C® and USB-C® are registered trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.

Product Type Contact Type Features
CX60-24S-UNIT Plug (Unit) Surface-mount, double-row Slim type
CX60-SLDA Plug (Plug shell) - Slim type
CX70M-24P1 Receptacle (Mid-mount) Hybrid (surface-mount and DIP, one row each) Space-saving type Depth: 8.35 mm
CX70M-24P2 Receptacle (Mid-mount) Hybrid (surface-mount and DIP, one row each) Space-saving type Depth: 7.95 mm
CX90B1-24P Receptacle (Top-mount) Surface-mount, double-row 10 Gbits/s data transfer rate, robust structure type
CX90M-16P Receptacle (Mid-mount) Surface-mount, double-row Capable of carrying high current up to 6 A for fast charging USB 2.0 data rate of 480 Mbits/s
CX90MWD2-24P Receptacle (Mid-mount) Surface-mount, double-row Waterproof (IPx8)
CX80B1-24P  Receptacle (Vertical) Surface-mount, double-row Low-profile type
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