Configurable PCIe packet switches offer broad design flexibility

Automotive-qualified PI7C9X3G606GPQ, PI7C9X3G808GPQ, and PI7C9X3G816GPQ from Diodes Incorporated ensure low latency and high availability in high-speed data processing applications such as telematics, ADAS and infotainment systems.

Diodes Incorporated has launched a series of automotive-compliant PCI Express¬ģ (PCIe¬ģ) 3.0 packet switches for in-vehicle networking applications that perform high-speed data processing.¬†

The architecture used in these PCIe packet switches enables flexible port configuration: upstream, downstream, and cross-domain end-point (CDEP) ports may be assigned according to the application’s requirements, with variable lane widths for each port. 

The new parts are:

  • PI7C9X3G606GPQ: 6-port/6-lane operation, 10 mm x 10 mm 144-pin chip-scale package
  • PI7C9X3G808GPQ: 8-port/8-lane operation, 15 mm x 15 mm 196-pin BGA package
  • PI7C9X3G816GPQ: 8-port/16-lane operation, 19 mm x 19 mm 324-pin BGA package¬†

Because of these PCIe packet switches’ high signal integrity, they can operate in board designs that have long trace lengths in which attenuation is higher than 30 dB. The switches can connect with up to seven different endpoints, and support multi-host applications, including with up to eight physical or 16 virtual DMA channels. Each switch features a built-in low-power clock buffer, a feature which simplifies board designs, saves space, and reduces component count. 

The PI7C9X3G606GPQ, PI7C9X3G808GPQ, and PI7C9X3G816GPQ are AEC-Q100 Grade 3 qualified for use in automotive applications. Manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities, the packet switches support PPAP documentation.

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